Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to learn to kayak?
You can learn the basics in just a few hours. With a few basic strokes and safety skills you'll be on your way. Your best bet is to take a class with a qualified instructor.

Do I need to know how to swim?
At a minimum, you should be comfortable floating and swimming in a lifejacket. However, having the ability to swim would definitely make your kayaking experience more enjoyable.

Do I need to learn to do an Eskimo roll?
The Eskimo roll is typically the safest way to recover an upside down kayak. However, you will find that most kayakers can not do a roll. It is advanced move typically used in ocean and whitewater kayaking.

Do I need to worry about getting stuck in a kayak?
One of the first safety skills you should learn is the wet exit. Once your upside down, you will find that it is difficult to stay inside your kayak. If you're using a skirt, you should ensure that it will pull free easily.